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New York Times: Navigating the Net Wisely in a Health Crisis

Jane Brody, October 3rd, 2011

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Gone are the days when patients take serious diagnoses lying down. The first place they go to learn more is the Internet, but this unregulated channel can be as harmful as it is helpful when it comes to medical content. The Web-Savvy Patient delivers practical information and real-life reassurances to help individuals and family members use the wealth of the Internet to gain power rather than lose control. Author Andrew Schorr, founder of PatientPower.info, is a leukemia survivor, a patient educator and a living example of how information can be the best medicine.


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    Learn three critical tips from the book. Watch the replay of Andrew's appearance on KOMO News in Seattle.
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    Remember that statistics reflect large generalities. They are only helpful when they apply to your specific situation. You are a patient, not a statistic.

    Think back to when you were a full-time student and try to recall what researching techniques worked best for you then. You can modify those same approaches and apply them to your current quest.

    Seeking a specialist doesn’t mean you’re abandoning your local doctor. It means you’re adding to your health care team, which can also enhance your local doctor’s knowledge.

    Using the Web as a communication medium allows you to distribute your news to a broad audience while establishing a slight privacy buffer zone around you.

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