The Web-Savvy Patient is the culmination of Andrew Schorr’s experience as a cancer patient and advocate, drawing on his interactions with hundreds of patients, health care providers, medical industry representatives and fellow advocates. He provides clear guidance and an array of “insider tips” for anyone facing a serious diagnosis. He explains how patients and caregivers can use the tool at their fingertips – the Internet – to discover credible, reliable information and make it a part of a productive discussion with their doctors.

In addition to authoring The Web-Savvy Patient, Schorr is the founder and host of Patient Power, an online news source for patients coping with cancer and chronic disease, featuring more than 2000 hours of programs. Previously he founded which served more than a half million patients.

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The Web-Savvy Patients

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    Remember that statistics reflect large generalities. They are only helpful when they apply to your specific situation. You are a patient, not a statistic.

    Think back to when you were a full-time student and try to recall what researching techniques worked best for you then. You can modify those same approaches and apply them to your current quest.

    Seeking a specialist doesnt mean youre abandoning your local doctor. It means youre adding to your health care team, which can also enhance your local doctors knowledge.

    Using the Web as a communication medium allows you to distribute your news to a broad audience while establishing a slight privacy buffer zone around you.

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